Contact Information

Spring Tide Natural Health
Medical Arts Building
205 E. 3rd Avenue, Suite 206 (see map below)
San Mateo, CA  94401
p  650.777.7966    

If you would like to send an email, please include your telephone number so that we may call you.

I want to encourage you to take a little extra time to arrive at your first appointment in the new office. Please read below for parking locations. Downtown San Mateo is bustling with fun and activity! Take a little extra time to enjoy what San Mateo has to offer! Also, if your appointment is near the lunch or dinner hours allow a little extra time for parking as the spots tend to fill up. 3rd Avenue does get backed up so using 2nd or 4th Avenue is a better route to take.
From 101 North or South, take 3rd Avenue West. Cross the railroad tracks and go 2 blocks. The building is on 3rd Avenue at the corner of Ellsworth. See the map below.
Parking in the area is metered Monday through Saturday from 8 AM to 6 PM. Street parking on 3rd Avenue and 4th Avenue from El Camino to B Street has a 4-hour limit. In some areas there are pay stations that take coins, cash or credit cards. In some areas there are meters. Some of the old meters still have "2 hours" engraved on them, but they all say 4-hour limit in the meter window-with the exception of the 24-minute meters. The charge for parking on the street is $.50 an hour for the first 2 hours and $1.00 an hour for the second 2 hours.
There are also many parking lots and garages within 5 blocks from my office. Here is a map of their locations and here is more information on parking from the City of San Mateo.
The largest and closest garage is the Central Parking Garage. You can enter from San Mateo Drive between 3rd Avenue and 4th Avenue. The entrance ramp is on the same side of the street as The Cobbler and across the street from Footwear. You can also enter from 4th Avenue, between San Mateo Drive and B Street. This entrance ramp is on the same side of the street as Spiedo Italian Restaurant and across the street from Draeger's. The ground and Mezzanine levels have a 4-hour limit and charge $.50 per hour. Upper levels have a 10-hour limit and charge $.25 per hour. There are pay machines at various locations throughout the garage. This garage has exits that let pedestrians out onto various streets.
Downtown San Mateo, and 3rd Avenue in particular, has many restaurants, cafes and shops, making it a hotspot. Give yourself enough time to find parking. You might also enjoy grabbing a cup of tea or a meal before or after your appointment! For you book lovers, B Street Books (used books) is at 3rd Avenue and B Street, Nine Rubies knitting store is on 3rd Avenue near El Camino.
Once you are in the Medical Arts Building:
Take the stairs or the elevator to the second floor (not to the Mezzanine) and make a right. You will then take another right and my office, 206 is on the left. This will let you into my waiting room, where you may have a seat.
A Note on the Elevator:
If you use the elevator, you will need to close the aqua door manually and then push the "2" button. The brass gate will close automatically-and fast, so be careful! When you arrive on the second floor, you will need to manually open both the brass gate and the aqua door to exit. Please close the aqua door when you exit the elevator.