Love Your Body

How many times a day do you send love and support to your body? I know that I have frequently found myself being frustrated with the aches and pains, what it cannot do or what it can no longer do. I have often thought to myself "why isn't my body running smoothly" or "why is my body still having this issue or that issue". Sound familiar? It is not uncommon to be having these thoughts and feelings when we are not feeling our best.

It has recently been brought to my attention through my meditation class that it is important to send love and gratitude to our bodies. Now when I first heard this I got it on a intellectual level but did not start living it or applying it. Sure that sounds intuitive, of course I send signals of love and gratitude to my body, at least that is what I thought until I recently woke with upper back pain and a limited range of motion in my neck. I immediately started thinking what have I done, why do I have this pain, what is going on, who do I need to see to fix this. I was going into frustration about the physical limitation. I did not realize what I was doing to myself until later in the day when I was speaking with a fellow classmate. She reminded me about sending love and gratitude to my body rather than anger and frustration. At that moment I had an aha moment and a shift in my awareness. I started thanking my back and neck for supporting me all of these year. I sent gratitude to my neck for holding my head up. I kept repeating these thoughts to myself through the remainder of the day until I went to sleep.

The next morning I woke and the pain was considerably decreased. I also had a different awareness of my body. It got me to start thinking about all that my body does for me and how incredibly resilient it is. Consider for a moment how many processes occur in our bodies on a daily basis maintaining our lives. If we can take the time to send our body love and gratitude for all it does this can help to shift the pain and discomfort towards wellness and balance.

There are many stories about people healing themselves from cancer or life-threatening illnesses by having a positive outlook on life and giving gratitude to their body. You too can shift your health towards the positive by sending gratitude to your body for all it does. Sure, it is important to improve your diet and lifestyle and have the support of vitamins, minerals, herbs and homeopathy. We have to give the physical support that our body needs but we also need to give the energetic support. Consider sending your body thanks for all it provides for you and see how you can shift your health for the better!