Acupuncture Works!

I was recently in Portland for an acupuncture seminar and am very excited about what I have learned! It is truly amazing what our bodies can do and how quickly we can see results. I have had this notion that acupuncture can have immediate results but I was never quite sure how. Now I know!!

During my visit I contracted the start of a cold. I asked Dr. Tan (the seminar presenter) if I could be one of the demonstration patients. He agreed. As Dr. Tan proceeded to insert needles I personally experienced my cold symptoms resolve immediately, yes I said IMMEDIATELY! I also watched people have immediate relief from pain that they had had for years! I am so excited to use this technique and share it with you!
Who can benefit? Anyone! But the most obvious improvements are seen with pain. In addition, sore throats, colds, joint and muscle pain, headaches, abdominal issues, digestive issues, gynecological issues, fertility you name it acupuncture can help. Most issues can be resolved with regular visits over the course of 8 - 10 weeks! Resolved!!!! Not palliated, resolved!

I highly recommend you give acupuncture a try. It does work and it is very effective. The feedback that I have gotten thus far is phenomenal! One patient just today said she felt the best she has in years after her last acupuncture appointment. She was the same person that had not had relief from her headache in months until that appointment! I cannot stress how excited I am and how exciting it is to be able to offer you the gift of health!