Preparing for Flu Season Naturally

Have you felt the shift of the seasons in the air? I know in San Mateo I have started to feel and smell the beginnings of fall. With the shift of seasons we also have to shift gears toward the  prevention of colds and flu. I am sure many of you have started to hear and see the advertisements at local pharmacies about the flu shot. My recommendation is to forgo the flu shot and support the body's immune system naturally. Thankfully, I have several options for flu prevention that help to support your body rather than act against it's inherent nature!

It is important to understand that getting a cold or flu once or twice a year is not a bad thing. In fact it is a way for your immune system to be exercised. By having a cold the body is able to see new bugs and create a reaction against them which in turn proves that your immune system is working and builds natural immunity. If you are not getting sick it is possible that your immune system is strong and takes care of any bugs with little effort. It is also possible that your immune system is not strong enough to mount a response. If this is the case then I highly recommend making an appointment with me and we can investigate why the immune system has a lower function and start working to strengthen it!

Of course no one likes to be sick. This is where preventative measures can really help out. By supporting our body's natural ability to fend off bacteria and viruses using nutrition, homeopathics and herbs this can either result in preventing illness completely or decreasing the severity of an illness.

Nutrition is the number one treatment for all dis-ease in the body. If you are putting in nutrient-rich fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes and protein then the body is able to produce the anti-oxidants and immune molecules more effectively. In addition, avoiding food sensitivities frees up the immune system so that it can focus on keeping the bacteria and viruses at bay. It is also very important to be drinking sufficient amounts of fresh spring or filtered water. Carbonated water or specialized water drinks do not count. A good rule of thumb to follow is to drink half of your weight in ounces per day.

Homeopathics and herbal supplements are wonderful ways to help prevent colds and flu while supporting your body. A product that I recommend to all of my patients is Muco Coccinum. This is a homeopathic remedy based on the flu virus. It stimulates your body's immune system and is a great way to prevent illness. I recommend taking one tablet every other Sunday. 
Garlic has also been found to be helpful for prevention. The best garlic product I have seen on the market is called Allimax. By simply taking one capsule daily it can prevent the common cold. In addition if you do get sick it can help you recover much quicker than if you took nothing.

Two Chinese Formulas that I find quite helpful are Cold Away and Isatis Gold. Cold Away is used at the onset of symptoms that include fever, sinus and chest congestion, coughing, headache and throat pain. It may also be beneficial for symptoms such as tonsillitis, earache and pharyngitis. Isatis Gold is an herbal antibiotic and antiviral. It is especially good for those illnesses that involve heat (fever) or burning throat and phlegm. The rule of thumb with Isatis Gold is that if you are not seeing improvement within 48 hours you should stop the formula and make an appointment.

Finally, acupuncture is an excellent way to support your body's natural defenses. Having regular acupuncture visits can work wonders! Also, acupuncture can help to shorten the duration of a cold or flu so do not hesitate to come in for a treatment if you are sick.

If you would like to order any of the products that I mentioned above please visit my website for ordering instructions.