Preparing for Flu Season Naturally

Have you felt the shift of the seasons in the air? I know in San Mateo I have started to feel and smell the beginnings of fall. With the shift of seasons we also have to shift gears toward the  prevention of colds and flu. I am sure many of you have started to hear and see the advertisements at local pharmacies about the flu shot. My recommendation is to forgo the flu shot and support the body's immune system naturally.

The Sun, Vitamin D and YOU

Do you realize that the Sun is a necessary component in our lives? On the macrocosmic scale the Sun provides life on earth, without it we would have a very different life or possibly no life. Contemplate for a moment all the benefits the Sun has. I have done this recently and find it amazing how dependent my life is on the Sun. The Sun is life giving!

IV Therapy - Benefits!

IV therapy refers to the administration of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, homeopathics and or herbals directly into the vein. This method of therapy allows for direct and immediate absorption of the substances provided at more effective concentrations.

Acupuncture Works!

I was recently in Portland for an acupuncture seminar and am very excited about what I have learned! It is truly amazing what our bodies can do and how quickly we can see results. I have had this notion that acupuncture can have immediate results but I was never quite sure how. Now I know!!

Love Your Body

How many times a day do you send love and support to your body? I know that I have frequently found myself being frustrated with the aches and pains, what it cannot do or what it can no longer do. I have often thought to myself "why isn't my body running smoothly" or "why is my body still having this issue or that issue". Sound familiar? It is not uncommon to be having these thoughts and feelings when we are not feeling our best.


Start taking steps for proactive health today!