The Benefits of B Vitamins

Over the past several months I have mentioned vitamin B-12 shots to help your health. I am very excited to announce the Custom Blended B Vitamin Happy Hours that will be starting on Wednesday, February 2 between 4:00 and 6:00 pm. I thought it would be appropriate to discuss the benefits of B vitamins and why receiving an injection is better than taking the supplement.

In general, B vitamins are involved in many pathways throughout the body. They help to decrease inflammation, support the immune system and enhance metabolism. They most likely also support brain function!

A Gluten-free Holiday

This month I would like to give you some ideas for how to make your holiday gluten-free.

Winter and the Kidneys

Before we know it winter will be upon us. Winter is the end of all seasons, a completion or wrapping up so to say. When we think of winter it is a time of going in, storage and personal contemplation. Many use winter as a time to meditate, rest, store physical energy or refine their spiritual essence. Just as the bear hibernates during the winter so do our bodies.Yin becomes predominate so the body's surface temperature cools taking the warmth into the core.Yin is in charge of all fluids in the body, it is passive, dark, cold and about contraction.


Autumn has arrived. The seeds that were sown in the summer have grown and blossomed and are now ready for harvest. We can gather the fruits of labor and store them for the winter. (Fortunately for those of us in California we can continue to harvest the bounty throughout the winter months!) We are preparing for the time when we will go within, winter. 


Start taking steps for proactive health today!