Late Summer

In Chinese Medicine there are five seasons rather than four. The fifth is late summer. It is designated typically as the last month of summer which is August. On the Chinese calendar, which starts in February, it is the middle of the year. It is also regarded as the transition between yang and yin or spring/summer to fall/ winter. Some may say that it is the point of the year that time seems to stop and harmony and unity are felt. It is that time when there is balance between the two extremes.

Spring is Here!

Spring cleaning, spring cleanses, spring fever, spring forth, spring, spring, spring is here! Can you feel the energy of spring?  Do you feel it's tender shoots pushing through the dirt towards the sun? After winter's slumber the plants, animals and humans are ready to start new beginnings. This is the energy of spring as described in Chinese medicine.

Go With the Flow

Water is such a powerful element. It has the ability to go where it is allowed to flow. It can be a soft as a whisper or as powerful as a ton of bricks. Talk about contrast! Water is also very healing. One of my favorite things to do is be in water, whether it is the shower, bath, ocean or hot spring I always find it refreshing and relaxing.

Treat the Cause

Addressing and treating the cause is the foundation for my practice. If we do not  search for and treat the cause of health problems they will continue to deteriorate and the reliance on prescriptions will increase. My goal is to encourage your body to return to a place of balance decreasing reliance and hopefully eliminating the need for medications.

Women With Heart

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the U.S. When most people think about heart disease they first think about the corporate business man having a heart attack. The reality is that heart disease kills six times more women than breast cancer (American Heart Association, 2005). For the past twenty years there has been an increase in research focusing on women and cardiovascular disease. This research has shown several important patterns: 1) Women tend to develop heart disease around the age of 60, 10-15 years later than men. 2) Women are, in general, more vulnerable to toxins.


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