With the holidays upon us and the current economic state that many are experiencing it may seem that your stress level has intensified. This added stress is taxing your immune, cardiovascular, hormonal, nervous and muscular systems just to name a few. When we become stressed our sympathetic nervous system (the fight or flight response) takes over and our breathing becomes more shallow and rapid. This in turn pumps less oxygen through the vessels resulting in a body wide stress phenomena.

Get a Jump Start on Cold and Flu Season

As I was working out the other day I noticed that my gym had fliers up for flu shots. This prompted me to focus my newsletter on the flu season.

Vitamin D, The New Darling

There has been a lot of talk and excitement about vitamin D and the role it plays in our health. With summer here and the increased opportunity for sun exposure, I wanted to explain the benefits of vitamin D.


Go Organic!

organic vegies

Whenever possible, I recommend purchasing organic. You may be wondering, what is the benefit of buying and eating organic food. They are multiple and are not just limited to your health.



Start taking steps for proactive health today!