My body had been out of sorts for as long as I can remember, I had tried all the conventional methods with no real solution, then I met with Dr. Laura. She is amazing, sympathetic and treats the cause from the roots, no quick fixes. After doing tests to find the real cause, she suggested a few do-able tweaks to my diet, I have never felt more on track and healthier. Thank you Dr. Laura for all that you have done for me, I am so grateful to have met you and so is my body.

Carly W.

Love, Love, Love Dr. Laura.  After spending 3 days at Mills Hospital in Burlingame for Vertigo symptoms nothing was done to help me.  All the doctors and medical staff just sent me home with my tail between my legs and told me to get some rest and not to drive.  (I could not even walk down the hallway it was so bad)  She saw me and spent an hour and a half with me.  Did some acupuncture and per scribed me some Homeopathic meds that I picked up from Earthbeam and BAMM!! I was better.  The dizziness and sick feeling was gone and I was able to recover faster and NATURALLY!!  I am a believer:) I feel so privileged to have her so close to me.


Dr. Laura is nothing short of a miracle worker. I've been working with her now for well over a year and she's helped me resolve issues that my 'industrialized medicine' specialists couldn't successfully remedy.

I originally sought Dr. Laura out after hearing her speak about celiac disease at a small local conference (I have celiac and many of the issues I suffer are a direct result of having an auto immune disease).  I admit I was curious and after the time and money  I'd already spent trying to restore my health, I was desperate and figured a consultation wouldn't hurt. A year later, and for everything short of  heart attack, she's my health expert. The woman is invested in my health.  She is constantly attending conferences, researching what the newest treatments offer, and doesn't hesitate to go to outside sources for support. Between homeopathy and acupuncture--which I was convinced was some weird voodoo nonsense--I feel better now than I have in years. Years! And, don't even get me started on the Vitamin B Cocktail Hour. Best thing ever.

If you're suffering and your doctor(s) can't help you, Dr. Laura is your girl.  Believe me when I tell you that she will change your life.  Give her the opportunity, and she will heal you--and change the way you feel about medicine.

Shelly M

I brought my son in this week to see Dr. Laura for a persistent, dry cough lasting a week and keeping him up at night. We had already seen an acupuncturist. I was not happy with the results, nor with the acupuncturist's explanation to me. Dr. Laura responded to an email I sent on July 4th, and came in on her day off to treat him! Bottom line, my son is getting better, slowly and consistently.

While there, Dr. Laura asked if we were OK with my son receiving acupuncture. She listened to his lungs and explained what she heard. She also gave us plenty of herbs and techniques to help my son while not in her office... which educated me and comforted me. She explained the problem and our course of action clearly. I am left happy. And confident.

However, I am writing this review because of the way she treated ME in the other room. I asked if we could talk, and told Dr. Laura about how scared I was, and how I was sure my strong emotions about my son leaving for college were affecting/slowing his healing process. She listened, and I felt heard. I saw compassion in her face, and I felt comforted. She valued my opinion, my perspective, and clearly also respected the power of emotions in the healing process.

THAT is what I want in a practitioner.

Dr. Laura then offered me a remedy (which has been wonderful) and explained how the emotions connect to the meridians, and checked with me to be sure I was getting the support I needed. I was touched, and totally satisfied. This is how care should be. I felt so supported... by very relevant/appropriate care, from a practitioner with deep and broad vision.
Thank you, Dr. Laura.


Recently broke my foot and Laura was wonderful in suggesting the ideal homeopathic supplement to aid the bone healing and she even had it in stock. We are so lucky to have a naturopathic provider right here in downtown San Mateo. Thank you, Dr. Laura


My partner and I have had very good experiences with Dr. Laura Enfield.  We've been able to get extensive blood work, hormone and metal testing done.  We've been given homeopathic supplements and remedies along with acupuncture to help our bodies heal. It's so great to have a doctor who sits, listens and spends time with you. One that talks about lifestyle and offers treatments that will help the body balance itself, not just mask the symptoms. We are very grateful to have Dr. Laura in our lives and look forward to future visits with her to see how our treatments are working and our symptoms progressing!

Lisa R.

Dr Laura, as a naturopathic doctor, looks at you as a whole person.  She did a thorough review of my medical history (which is not too interesting) as well as my eating/exercise/lifestyle habits. I was really down when I met her, I hadn't been feeling myself for about 3 months. She put me on a regime of supplements, and suggested some lifestyle adjustments. I swear some of these supplements were miracles-in-a-bottle, providing me overnight relief and hope!
My teenage son has suffered with chronic allergies all his life. He has been on many different prescriptions for his allergies, often taking many different drugs & drops simultaneously. Well, Dr Laura recommended a supplement which is incredible. He cannot believe the difference and he doesn't even need to take them everyday. They have seemingly reduced his histamine response.
I cannot say enough good things about Dr Laura. You can even catch her on some Saturdays at the Farmer's Market at College of San Mateo.

Lynn M.

I believe it is Laura’s broad knowledge of how the body works, her intuition, and her compassionate nature that makes her work effective.  In my experience, it has been her understanding of how interconnected the body systems are and what has been needed to allow them to be more efficient that has helped hone in on what was needed so that my body could come into better balance and health.  She draws upon her knowledge of naturopathic medicine, homeopathy, Chinese Medicine and more to develop the appropriate plan of treatment and then adjusts the plan as symptoms resolve.  I recommend her work to anyone who is wanting to return to the natural state of health and well being.

D. Nelson

“Laura is a wonderful practitioner in so many ways. First and foremost, she makes me feel she cares about me. She is knowledgeable and answers my questions completely. Her techniques are very good, compared with others who treat me in her absence. And Laura’s manner is both professional and friendly.”


“My name is Nancy. I am 55 years old. For many years, I have had several health problems, including Hepatitis C, depression/ anxiety, and alcoholism. My symptoms were increasingly problematic leading to my inability to work in my management position. Traditional medicine had been of little assistance in treating my conditions in the past. Several years ago, I turned to naturopathic avenues for deeper results.

During this past year, Dr. Laura Enfield has treated me. Remedies she has prescribed have greatly reduced my stress and symptoms. In addition, Dr. Enfield’s empathic listening and intuitive way greatly increased the efficacy of all her treatments! With Dr. Enfield’s assistance, I have climbed out of a place of hopelessness and back into a world of possibilities and well being.

Although my journey is not over, I fully believe Dr. Enfield’s gentle healing, willingness to go with me into places of fear and pain, and her knowledge of acupuncture and naturopathy have been instrumental in bringing me much closer to a balanced, peaceful way of being in my body and in the world.”


“Dr. Enfield has treated me over the past five months for difficult pain issues following a back injury and subsequent surgery. What I most appreciate is her skill and intuition in assessing me on all fronts: physical, mental, and emotional. She is quiet and thoughtful, and generally right on the mark. I always leave her office feeling better.”


“I have greatly appreciated your instruction and your grace. You are a bright light in this world and the world is a better place for your efforts, the light you share and the health you promote, create and enhance.”


“Dr. Laura has helped me take charge of my health. With her support and knowledge, my energy has improved, my mind has sharpened and my overall health indicators (weight, high blood pressure, etc.) have begun to improve. I would highly recommend exploring a healthful relationship with Dr. Laura!”


“Dr. Laura, thank you so much for being a wise and gentle guide and ally for me on my journey toward health. Being under your nurturing care is helping me to better care for myself. I appreciate your knowledge in the many aspects of healing as I learn more about my health and how to live a balanced lifestyle.”


“I began my journey with Dr. Enfield in May 2009. I was not quite sure what to expect and was pleasantly surprised by the comprehensive testing and action plan for my myriad of issues. My issues included Type II Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol Levels, high fibrinogen activity, High C-Reactive Protein levels and rip roaring PMS symptoms.

Dr. Enfield’s remedies proved successful. I was overjoyed to be able to treat my many afflictions without prescriptions drugs. The biggest achievements were getting off of blood pressure medications which were making me ill, remaining off of diabetes medications and a serious PMS attitude adjustment along with relief from those pesky symptoms which accompanied it.”